Welcome to Discipletown

Students will enter DiscipleTown to find awesome leaders who are there to welcome and build into their lives by being a Christ like example.

During each service kids will grow in their understanding of God and his Word. Each week they will be challenged to serve others in church, at home, at school and wherever they are, the way our Savior did. The program consists of: Worship, snack, a lesson, art/fun activity, student involvement, and prayer. We also include extra activities such as VBS, holiday plays, skits, & lead worship in the 'big church" every second Sunday of the month.

Our purpose is to assist parents in instilling godly values and virtues in their children. With outstanding Biblical instruction, tailored just for them, along with unique programming, our children are becoming seasoned disciples of Christ right before our eyes. It's an opportunity for kids to develop their gifts and talents, helping them to become the well rounded people that God created them to be.

The entire kids ministry team is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and fun place for our children to grow.

Andrew Sutterfield © 2013